The Way To Attract What You Want In Life Using Your Own Thoughts


Creating your own life

artist-creating-lifeThe simple part that most people don’t understand is that every thought we think and every word we speak is creating our future, it’s though our thoughts go out into the universe then accepted and broad back to us as experience, and that is a very simple thing, but most people don’t get it, don’t understand it, they’ve never heard it before and they think it’s ridiculous.

But if you really can accept the fact that every time you think a thought and every time you speak a word you are literary painting your future or making your dinner or whatever you want to call it, you are creating. And you are creating your own life, and this is simple but it’s not easy to accept, but once you accepted, then you can start deliberately creating what you want in your life, and you begin to be aware of what you don’t want in your life, and how you were contributing to it.

Now I think this has been around forever but for some reason in the last 20 years, the universe wanted us to go out among all the people of all the people that are ready for it, you see must of us just “think think think think”… And we don’t pay any attention to what we are thinking, we’re just doing it, but that’s something you need to train yourself to do, begin to train yourself to be aware of what you are thinking, and one of the ways to do that is to periodically say to yourself, AM I THINKING? Would I’d like this thought to create my life, would I’d like to have the experience that what thought could bring to me.

Now it takes a while to do that, but even if we could begin on the smallest lever, to be aware of our thinking, we can start to make changes.

Doing Affirmation

affirmationTo begin with, you start by doing what we call “doing affirmations” And that is making positive statements about your life that are positive, and you do them deliberately, you might do them in the morning, might do them at noon, twice a day or whatever… But you do this and your let this come a habit and as you start to do them, things will begin to change, maybe on a small level, I call it giving the green light to the parking places, I mean they are not huge things in your life, you can be very nice when you get three green lights in the world and you’re in a hurry… (:D)

Doing an affirmation is either writing it down, writing it on the wall, the mirror, or just saying it. What I like people to do is to stand in front of a mirror and do their affirmations, because there’s something very powerful about looking in your own eyes and accepting yourself or noticing that you reject yourself when you are saying something positive about yourself, so that would be very beginning way to start.

Just say it, wake up in the morning, now this is a big one and it’s hard for lots of people but you look in the mirror and I say I love you, “I really really love you” and to begin with that can be so hard for people, because they think of all the things that they’re wrong with them. But if you can start your day saying that, it’s very powerful.

Now I’d like to say that the universe is listening to everything you say and everything you think. And say okay you can get that, so then it starts to bring you in, and bring things into you.

If you do a general positive statements for yourself, the universe will figure out how to benefits that, how to bring that about in your life, so things could happen that you couldn’t expect at all, but they will happen.

If you think of doing your positive affirmations is like planting a seed in the ground it’s not nessecary true at the moment, but it is something you want to have. So you plant a seed and you expect it to grow, or you maybe plant 3 seeds just in case, but you expect them to grow and you don’t wait 2 days and then dig in the earth and say “what’s happening what’s happening” You expect that thing to grow because you know there is a law and a process, and the seed will grow if it is in the right soil and if it has the right amount of moisture.

By: Louise L. Hay

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