You Will Appreciate More Every Moment in Life After Watching This Video.


We have all been either told or heard the popular statement before: “live in the moment.” We come across this message differently, but the truth always stands and when reflected upon, it can be quite profound.
The world we live in has overshadowed the most part of ‘this’ moment. Most of the time we immense ourselves with past things that have already happened or those that will happen in the future rather than being preoccupied with things happening around us at that moment…..which ultimately matters a lot. Why? Because, the present is the only thing we have at that moment. Things that happened can never be changed while things to happen, their moment is yet to come.
For one to be fully in a moment, it is easier when the moment is emotionally charged -remember your first kiss, a sorrowful moment, scary situation, or even a moment of accomplishment. All of these moments are characterized with rich experience that many of us have no control over but find ourselves wholly immersed in that moment. Every single moment that we live is as special as any other and, therefore, it should be given our full presence.
This video created by Will Hoffman with Radiolab titled ‘Moments’ illustrates best how much every single moment in our life has to offer:

Try practicing living in the moment now rather than simply nodding in agreement as it passes you by. Take a moment and observe what is going on around you whether you are reading this on your tablet, phone or sited in front of your computer. Though things may not be appealing either emotionally or visually, just observe them for what they are. Your mind tries to define things that are worth of your attention as it ignores others. Without this definition of the mind, every single moment in life is as colourful and deserved to be lived to the fullest.

Credits: collective-evolution

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